BCSSW Students Reflect on ‘Why Social Work’ During 2nd Annual Yearend Workshop



Remembering the Why is an annual workshop offered by Professors Tiziana Dearing and Margaret Lombe and the Macro Student Group that helps to ground 2nd-year MSW students in their motivations for becoming social workers. It’s a valuable exercise as they begin to reflect on their next steps after graduation, including finding that first job.

During the workshop, Dearing and Lombe lead students through a series of visualization techniques and activities designed to invoke the memories, passions, and talents associated with this important, impending decision. The students then craft personal statements that can be used to help them explain to others — and their future selves — why they are social workers. Below, read several of their responses from this year’s workshop. – Elise Springuel

  • Why macro social work? At its root is a dedication to access and equity for all. The tools that the field teaches allows me to effectively listen to stories and be intentional about change through policy, organizing, lobbying, and advocating. In short, I am drawn to the field because it empowers people by involving them in elevating their quality of life while also impacting systematic change.” – Afua Laast
  • “I am a Social Worker because I can recognize the dignity and worth of every human being, because I have known defeat and understand the value of support, because I know the importance of levity in the most tense of moments. I am a Social Worker because I have a heart that keeps on giving, feet that keep on moving, and hands that keep on working. I am a Social Worker because I feel a personal responsibility to ensure that all people have access to their human rights. I don’t wish to lead, I don’t wish to follow, I want to walk hand in hand with my fellow traveler… And that is why I am a Social Worker.”- Bella Murnane-Victorelli
  • “I am a Social Worker because it allows me to use my skills and talents — particularly empathy and systems thinking — to help communities cultivate their ideas and resources into solutions which promote equity and social justice.” — Elise Springuel
  • “I am a social worker because I desire to see people and communities connected, liberated, and empowered, not isolated, oppressed, and disenfranchised. I want to equip myself and others to work to dismantle the broken systems and harmful misbeliefs that stand as barriers to equity and liberation for all people.” – Kaiti Jones

For even more inspiration, check out last year’s responses.

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