‘Onwards and Upwards’ – BCSSW Releases Fall 2015 Magazine

bcssw-cover-1-final-webThis year, in keeping our world’s environment in mind, we’ve decided to produce an e-version of our magazine for your reading pleasure – bcsocialworkmagazine.com is a full website in itself designed to highlight the exceptional strengths of our school. While the format may differ from years past, the contents of the 2015 issue continue to showcase the innovative community that is BC Social Work. (Limited copies of a print edition were also produced; if you prefer reading in this format, visit the online platform issu).

In this latest edition of BC Social Work Magazine, you’ll find stories about Changemakers – members of our school’s senior leadership – and the projects they’re engaged in to push the boundaries of social work. You’ll read about Executives and Policymakers, a new kind of social work professor brought in to BCSSW to share their leadership experiences with a next generation of professionals. You’ll also learn about New Directions in social work being pursued by representatives of our young, impressive junior faculty, bringing our field into dialogue with neuroscience, public health, and beyond. And of course, you’ll also be able to read about some of the school’s influential alumni, and the change they’re effecting in places across the country, from San Quentin Prison to the White House.

In addition to the great magazine stories you’re accustomed to reading, this year’s online version includes additional content and multimedia – from a clip of Professor Westy Egmont on CNN talking about immigration, to a recounting of the compelling life story of civil rights pioneer Claudette Colvin. You’ll also find photo galleries and dynamic links to our blog, our website, and a host of other valuable resources.

Thank you for staying engaged with BC Social Work. Please feel free to interact with us on social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts about all of our channels of communication.

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