Dearing to Washington: Keep ‘Poverty on the Map’ in 2016

The-Hill-graphicWhat’s the best way to get your policy perspective heard by people that can make change happen? Go straight to Capitol Hill.

In a way, that’s the tactic taken by Associate Professor Tiziana Dearing, in her latest opinion piece to be published on poverty. Dearing’s article “Five Issues to Keep Poverty on the Agenda in 2016” appeared today in The Hill’s Congress Blog, the respected Washington paper’s forum for lawmakers and policy professionals.

“Poverty affects who we are as a country,” she writes. “It affects our economy, our criminal justice system, our educational investments and the future of our workforce. Our response to it, or lack thereof, is an expression of our national values.

We can force poverty into the discussion, however. A national coalition of voters and anti-poverty organizations should pick a handful of proxy issues and consistently pressure candidates to address them specifically as they pertain to poverty – in living rooms, at speeches, through community town halls, and in the debates.”

In the piece, Dearing outlines five “poverty proxies” to mold the conversation during the presidential election campaign of 2016, issues she believes would drive change for those in poverty, while also offering “twofers” for the middle class. They include: raising the minimum wage, affordable health insurance, providing basic adult education, asset building, and social capital.

Read the entire story at The Hill to learn why each of these issues matter.

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